Imported Worldwide and Locally Roasted

Our coffee beans are imported from all over the world and then roasted locally.

A caffeination community, open everyday for your pleasures.

From Humble Beginings

Re-established in May 2010, the Babylon Bean Coffee House has again become a favorite hangout for coffee connoisseurs, those needing to kick start their day and anyone who enjoys a great beverage. We offer free wireless Internet, live music, open mic and psychic readings, a relaxing atmosphere and experience . We are proud members of the Town of Babylon Chamber of Commerce, we proudly support the town charity fund and of course, we are extremely eco-friendly.

With art deco flair, the Babylon Bean cleverly bends post modern and vintage styles to create a comfortable spot that welcomes everyone, eclectics, artists and business people alike. Our visitors come for exceptional drinks and friendly surroundings. Come, relax, and stay a while at the Babylon Bean.


Sal became the proud proprietor of the Babylon Bean Coffee House earlier last year (May 2010) after attending culinary school and becoming a hands-on barista. As owner and sudo-master coffee roaster, Sal opened the Babylon Bean Coffee House in its present original location, after moving on from his family luncheonette/cafe in North Babylon . With a revamped look and menu, he wanted to offer customers more than just a standard coffee shop. “At Babylon Bean, it’s our goal to provide you with the best coffee and customer service in town. People come for the coffee and to chat or go online.

Sal loved the late night coffeehouses; with their eclectic mix of people, the uplifting aroma of fresh coffee beans, and comfortable surroundings. He realized that Babylon needed a revitalization of a real coffeehouse, so, he purchased the quaint business in historic downtown Babylon. In fact, the new Babylon Bean Coffee House was the beginning of the summer & fall resurgence of downtown’s nightlife. People now had more reason to come downtown again!

Inspired by Sal’s warmth and spirit, patrons became family. Patrons began donating books and board games, and suggested events to add to the already eclectic night life. Considering Sal’s love of music, it was natural that he invited local artists to perform at the Bean. Several local business and groups approached and asked if he would host meeting. and gatherings… his answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes”. Now, the Bean is attracting groups looking to relax away from the office or their monotonous meeting places. Definitely one of Babylon’s most unique places to meet.

But, more than atmosphere, great music, and cozy comforts, the Babylon Bean has always been about the drinks. From freshly roasted fair-trade coffees imported from all over the world to the finest espresso beans, the Babylon Bean creates every drink with love and attention.